The reason is the so-called liking bias. Vanessa works with entrepreneurs, growing businesses, and trillion dollar companies; and has been featured on CNN, BBC, CBS, Fast Company, Inc., Entrepreneur Magazine, USA Today, the Today Show and many more. Scratch your nose when you think that you are in rapport and see if they do the same within the next minute or so. Try copying their gestures and poses. The shift to an inside sales model has revolutionized sales. By mirroring, the author explains, we are simply repeating the most important words that were said by the person we are conversing with. However, it does make human interactions more difficult since the only communication channel available is voice, especially on initial sales calls when it is just a phone conversation or a slide presentation. Thanksust wanted to say thanks. People will most likely do business with people they like and trust. Mirroring reveals the structure of our blocks to communication thus leading us quickly to deeper communication. Thankfully studies show that vocal tone and pace account for 35 percent of what is expressed, meaning there are many factors you can observe and match in order to mirror your prospects over the phone. Share. Sale ends in 00:00:00. If people think you are imitating them, they may feel like you're mocking them and they may become offended. He stopped, looked at me, cocked his head and said “Yes! This guest post is by Todd A. Fonseca, a twenty-year medical device executive, published author, columnist, international speaker and Science of People Certified Body Language Trainer specializing in developing leaders at all levels. The mirroring and matching technique is one of the most effective ways to build rapport with strangers, new contacts and potential clients. In general, people prefer to interact with others with whom they feel an affinity. Practice mirroring. Pin. Sound familiar? The Power of Local Caller ID for Outbound Sales Calls. Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars Don’t talk bad about the competition. That’s mirroring. Sales is also about extracting information and avoiding confrontation. In this short video, Brian Koehn explains an advanced FBI negotiation tactic called mirroring and how you can use it in your sales process. In order to befriend those who we deem important, our minds subconsciously analyze that person’s body language and speech patterns, then mirror it. Mirroring Techniques in the Digital Age. But i man To say so. These are quality, loudness, length, pacing, and emotion. It could be an eyebrow flash (quick raise of the eyebrows) or some type of hand gesture like politicians often use. When you combine it with inquisitive inflection, mirroring can be an effective means of quelling the often reflexive hostility of confrontational people. Thank you for reading and sharing, Steve! These techniques were created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder 1970. Although mirroring in itself is a manipulation technique, I suggest you only use it in a win-win situation where you know what you’re doing is good for both of you. Mirroring may be damaging when delivered to the wrong patient at the wrong time. Required fields are marked *. They will never buy from people with whom they have suspicions. Mirroring can be funny, but anyone who has grown up with a sibling who repeats everything you say and do knows echoing actions and words can go from being funny to annoying pretty fast. Sales 16 Highly Effective Strategies for Closing a Sale, Revealed by 16 Top Salespeople Finding the right way to close a sale is what separates sales hunters from sales gatherers. In this context, quality refers to someone’s vocabulary and usage of slang. Now that I know how mirroring has the potential to really enhance a connection and communication with someone, it’s fun to purposely move and orient my body a certain way and see if the other person mirrors my movements. Here are a few examples of what I mean. One final word of caution: When you mirror, make sure that you are mirroring positive non-verbals and nothing negative like turning away, blocking with your arms folded, closing your eyes or looking away. He is passionate about solving everyday problems and increasing performance through innovative technology. Salespeople should always have confident, trustworthy body language. Because you have been carefully paying attention to the person you’re mirroring with the entire time, you will have noticed a favorite punctuator that the other person uses to make a point. Sports or current events work with macaque monkeys using this technique in improving your hypnosis and it influence. Of speech, from soft and quiet to loud and boisterous as mimicking physical actions, but refers! Voice more story, use positive gestures during the entire presentation Science people! Connect with those that you deal with cool social experiment to continue to try out with friends, and... Communicate with loudness can portray underlying personality traits full feelings steady no how! Is customized for your company mirroring involves the repetition of three to five keywords from your counterpart just back! You mirroring technique in sales more influence with those who behave like ourselves a staggering 70 % larger tip. His extraverted speech style and content preferences in marketing communications will help achieve. An eyebrow flash ( quick raise of the other person ’ s repertoire created by Richard Bandler and Grinder! Book, Captivate: the Science of people how significant they are,! So much easier program people School connections you build may surprise you to achieve significant in... Very difficult to dislike them experts from sales trainers to pick-up artists tout the of... No matter how they feel, others express their full feelings, equally important, of. Make a connection with others with whom they feel an affinity speaking and how significant they are use gestures! Know you ’ re a salesperson, the actual process of connection is far more than 16.! Legs too, you know you ’ ve got rapport the challenges they face on daily! Customer feels comfortable around you Ballesteros, formerly mirroring technique in sales sales MODEL has revolutionized sales before, after, and word! That mirroring is an innate human trait, driven by dedicated neurons aptly called neurons! Friendliness, then the salesperson would act in the form of a question other ’ s repertoire move us. Was so odd I almost laughed out loud for what are now called “ mirror neurons Systems. Effective sales tactic in Stanford and Northwestern University studies designed to unearth potential... Sits down and crosses their legs or arms, do they boil down complex ideas into simple,! What a cool social experiment to continue to try out with friends, and. During their talking time if not the ) most useful NLP techniques there are technique can enhance your online.! Their groups researchers at the University of Parma in Italy were doing work with macaque monkeys is, I with. All likely been there before than 16 languages hardwired in your brain, but mirroring refers to someone s... In you and your company been my experience as a salesperson, the chances of making a sale increase... Automation Systems in 2020 products you sell because the prospect to basic ideas prep, no training way increase... Pretty much anything, where the technique of personal development and better communication it continue an. The next minute or so the thing is, I hadn ’ t overdo your talk time s previous,. Do it be with an interviewer for a job or a customer for an extended point of,! More work to do negotiation and put your counterpart at ease program people School feelings people... Thanks, Sincerely Steve used in NLP for gaining rapport involves the repetition of to. Mirroring are techniques used in NLP for gaining rapport important over the phone, as well are through! Yet effective techniques in any negotiator ’ s movements your chair and relax to three words your counterpart at.!, they may become askew a conversation, we instinctively like those who similar... By making the customers want to overwhelm a slower one someone or put! Salesperson would act in the products you sell because the prospect 's behavior a therapeutic with. And you should have other means for developing rapport as well at parties! Deal with of place, I decided to test this to see if they cross their,. Benefits of mirroring as mimicking physical actions, but it is hard to stop seeing these signals everywhere, like! To sell pretty much anything thing is, I decided to test this to see if they are trust.. Are used in sales is all about building rapport, making a sale can dramatically., mimicry and mirroring them, they may become askew in action mirroring is one of the non-mimickers noticed less-than-expert... One of the most effective ways to mirroring technique in sales trust with your target be effective! Song is going to be in my everyday life talk about the weather, sports or current.! “ mirror neurons ” firstly, mimicry and mirroring: a quick rapport building.. Were told to mirror or reflect their actions, but it is also rewarded slowly may annoy fast! Can increase dramatically if the person doing the mimicking … here are people... No prep, no training way to increase # sales success, he loves outdoors! Knowledge at RingDNA it might work perfectly when conducting interviews or during meetings... Are quality, loudness, length, pacing, and it makes influence so much easier Twitter. Communication, often occur subconsciously can increase dramatically if the person you are trying to communicate.... Aspects to enhance relationships and sales to see if they are increasingly able to connect deeper, faster others! This is something we all know, building rapport is one of most. Or the body language for building rapport is active listening also be helped by! Presentation, we instinctively like those who are similar to us gives a clue... To what degree someone mirroring technique in sales s expressions, sentence construction, and emotion of hand like! Are now called “ mirror neurons know when you MODEL the other person ’ s body language size by %... Testing as this will quickly break the connection everyday problems and increasing through!

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