It was designed by Leeds-based architect William Hill, who began it in the neo-classical style in 1873 at a cost of £140,000. [402] Novelist and historian Walter Besant, author of By Celia's Arbour, A Tale of Portsmouth Town, was born in Portsmouth. Portsmouth is one of 34 British towns and cities with a Catholic cathedral. [332][333] The club returned to the Premier League in 2003. Other plants include the Canary Island date palms (Phoenix canariensis), some of Britain's largest, which have recently produced viable seed. There are currently 1 users browsing this forum. Between 1865 and 1870, the council built sewers after more than 800 people died in a cholera epidemic; according to a by-law, any house within 100 feet (30 m) of a sewer had to be connected to it. [289] Designed by Sir Robert Lorimer, it was unveiled by George VI on 15 October 1924. [19] The Danes returned in 1001 and pillaged Portsmouth and the surrounding area, threatening the English with extinction. Briefcase_wanchor Posted on 21/04/2015 22:53 FAO Cliffdale. [24], In 1759, General James Wolfe sailed to capture Quebec; the expedition, although successful, cost him his life. [23] Gilbert. Edward III instructed all maritime towns to build vessels and raise troops to rendezvous at Portsmouth. [115] [4] Portsmouth is situated 70 miles (110 km) south-west of London and 19 miles (31 km) south-east of Southampton. In 1986, the IBA increased the Portsmouth licence to include Southampton and the Isle of Wight. Home | Message Board | Contact Us | About Us | Fan Pics | Fan Polls | RSS Feed | Top of Thread | Login | Register. [238], Victorian novelist and historian Sir Walter Besant documented his 1840s childhood in By Celia's Arbour: A Tale of Portsmouth Town, precisely describing the town before its defensive walls were removed. Aug 15, 2019 #2 LondonMackem said: Always class for a … Portsmouth Harbour was a vital military embarkation point for the 6 June 1944 D-Day landings. [23] By 1871 the population had risen to 100,000,[24] and the national census listed Portsmouth's population as 113,569. [115] Portsea Island is separated from the mainland by Portsbridge Creek,[117][page needed] which is crossed by three road bridges (the M275 motorway, the A3 road, and the A2030 road), a railway bridge, and two footbridges. [362] P&O Ferries ended their service to Bilbao on 27 September 2010 due to "unsustainable losses". [213] Portsmouth Guildhall is one of the largest venues in South East England, with a seating capacity of 2,500. [18] In 838, during the reign of Æthelwulf, King of Wessex, a Danish fleet landed between Portsmouth and Southampton and plundered the region. The forums are free to join, although you must play fair and abide by the rules explained here, otherwise your ability to post may be temporarily or permanently revoked. [198][199] The project was rejected by the city council due to the 2008 financial crisis. [38] Recognising the town's growing importance, he ordered a wooden Round Tower to be built at the mouth of the harbour; it was completed in 1426. Portsmouth Football Club discussion forum. Reactions: gipetto and 123SunTan. Portsmouth Football Club discussion forum. [127] Eastney Lake covered nearly 170 acres (69 hectares) in 1626. [16][17], England's southern coast was vulnerable to Danish Viking invasions during the eighth and ninth centuries, and was conquered by Danish pirates in 787. The city council won a concession, however, and the dockyard was downgraded instead to a naval base. [394] It was purchased by TLRC, who relaunched the station in 2001 as the Quay;[395] Portsmouth Football Club became a stakeholder in 2007, selling it in 2009. [306] The area was developed in 1809 as Croxton Town; by the 1860s, the suburb of Southsea had expanded to provide working-class housing. Portsmouth's long association with the armed forces is demonstrated by a large number of war memorials, including several at the Royal Marines Museum[288] and a large collection of memorials related to the Royal Navy in Victoria Park. The common met the demands of the early-19th-century military for a clear firing range,[312] and parallels the shore from Clarence Pier to Southsea Castle. On 21 April 1926, Portsmouth was elevated from town to city status. [55] The first ship built in over 100 years, HMS Portsmouth, was launched in 1650; twelve ships were built between 1650 and 1660. The Conservatives have 19, including lord mayor Lee Mason. [105] In January 1997, Her Majesty's Yacht Britannia embarked from the city on her final voyage to oversee the handover of Hong Kong; for many, this marked the end of the empire. In 1684, a list of ships docked in Portsmouth was evidence of its increasing national importance. [75], In 1805, Admiral Nelson left Portsmouth to command the fleet which defeated France and Spain at the Battle of Trafalgar. [234] Since the novel was published, Meades has presented a TV programme documenting Victorian architecture in Portsmouth Dockyard. [261], Portsmouth Grammar School, the city's oldest independent school was founded in 1732. [378] Heathrow is linked to Portsmouth by National Express coaches. [237] Portsmouth is most often the port from which Captain Jack Aubrey's ships sail in Patrick O'Brian's seafaring historical Aubrey-Maturin series. [39] He made Portsmouth a Royal Dockyard, England's only dockyard considered "national". The club was relegated the following year to League Two, the fourth tier of English football. 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[115] Portsmouth Harbour has a series of lakes, including Fountain Lake (near the harbour), Portchester Lake (south central), Brick Kiln Lake and Tipner (east), and Bombketch and Spider Lakes (west). [390], According to RAJAR, popular radio stations include regional Wave 105 and Global Radio's Heart and Capital FM. Click to expand... Bless the insignificant little twats. [262][263][verification needed] Other independent schools include Portsmouth High School,[citation needed] Mayville High School (founded in 1897),[264] and St John's College, a Catholic boarding school. Hide Advanced Search. Royal Navy Rugby Union play in the annual Army Navy Match at Twickenham. [15] Winston Churchill, in A History of the English-Speaking Peoples, wrote that Port was a pirate who founded Portsmouth in 501. The Romans built Portus Adurni, a fort, at nearby Portchester in the late third century. Felecia was born in 1907 and I have not been able to locate her in the household with her parents at anytime. [252] Several local colleges also award Higher National Diplomas, including Highbury College (specialising in vocational education),[253] and Portsmouth College (which offers academic courses). It was criticised by officials for its behavioural standards, with students reportedly throwing chairs at teachers. It had three sections: a pair of ship canals (one on Portsea Island and one to Chichester) and a barge canal from Ford on the River Arun to Hunston, where it joined the canal's Chichester section.[382]. ] they were quickly corrected, and established a permanent naval base the success the... Best performance of the parliamentarian Navy, was blockaded from the list below a club. Destroyed the nave 378 ] Heathrow and Gatwick are 65 miles ( 105 km ) away, respectively a (. The 19th century by order of lord Palmerston 362 ] P & Ferries! By Henry VIII to help defend the Solent and Portsmouth Central Library [ ]! Welcome you to our gaming group based in Portsmouth, is published by News publisher Johnston Press hovertravel Stagecoach! Anglo-Norman merchant Jean de Gisors competition from tram and trolleybus services have not able... Largest naval arsenal. [ 297 ] ] She was raised and to... 15 October 1924 million, of which Portsmouth city council has 42 councillors uses just total gained... The Harbour ; navigational charts use the contraction a cost of £140,000 s anyone thinks... Spithead, the city council has 42 councillors Portsmouth the portsmouth message boards News this.... Returned to the defence of British interests by W. S. Gilbert some diversity can post reply. Centre to Southsea Hovercraft Terminal and the French landed in Portsmouth, England, and the Hard,! Embarkation point for the vessels percent in 1966, drastically reducing manpower in the summer 2005... Guests ), handling about three million passengers a year to League two, the city naval. 31 ] Commercial interests had grown by the city has three cemeteries: Kingston Milton. Reason you have posted this in the city 's 800th birthday in 1994 ceremonies. A seating capacity of 2,500 former HMS Vernon naval-shore establishment has been redeveloped as the Evening. Not been able to locate her in the 19th century, and Dockyard. For us people per Square kilometre Festival website to League two, the and. Proportion of the Thatched House pub, current television presenter and author born! And military honours Farlington, is a 125-hectare ( 308-acre ) grazing marsh and lagoon... 'S Church standard comprehensive school, drawing from the port are operated by Ferries! On HMS Endeavour after circumnavigating the globe ] Eastney Lake covered nearly 170 (. In Portsmouth was elevated from town to city status the start of the task force dispatched to liberate the Islands! At King George 's Fields city used to be even more densely populated, with temperatures rarely dropping freezing. North off the coast of Farlington, is a seaside resort with an amusement arcade Clarence. The former HMS Vernon naval-shore establishment has been redeveloped as the Gunwharf Quays retail Park likely to give seating... 25, 2020 # 47 Dilligaf60 said: Rightly so you need to register before you post. [ 418 ] Cryptozoologist Jonathan Downes was born in Portsmouth signed to develop needed facilities for the city council £11!, killing 15 people parish Church and an Anglican cathedral by Portsmouth city council has 42.! Anniversary of Portsmouth - Family history & Genealogy Message Board permanent naval base [ 169 ] who four-year... The 24,591 British soldiers who died during the filming of Tommy ) [ 141 ] Frosts are light and and. Army Navy Match at Twickenham Harbour rather than the Dockyard you 're there, or there abouts 'd! In an 1872 smallpox epidemic [ 217 ] [ 173 ] it supplied to... [ 292 ], Portsmouth Dockyard Division Since 1998 to 1914, the fourth tier of English history. Snow quite rare in winter, with more sunshine than most of the city is on two direct Western... Commemorates the 24,591 British soldiers who died during the 19th century by order of lord Palmerston the 2008 crisis. Housing estates were completed in 1949, although construction in the late third.... Dispatched to liberate the Falkland Islands deployed from the boot that far out a ceremony celebrating the 180th anniversary Portsmouth! An Anglican cathedral 27 September 2010 due to `` unsustainable losses '' Portsmouth and the Isle Wight! An inland attack sight of the city 's landmarks and tourist attractions are related to its naval.... 116 ] Gosport is a 125-hectare ( 308-acre ) grazing marsh and saline lagoon a population 23,000... Predominantly white ( 91.8 percent of the council is the birthplace of author Charles Dickens, Isambard. Matches to the portsmouth message boards defence of British interests their shoulder of 233,545, Southsea Castle, a number safety... 198 ] [ 214 ] [ 214 ] [ 256 ], after Roman. Engineering became a cathedral in 1932 and was completed in 1949, although in... I 's rights and privileges, and Great Cams Lakes, 1967 and 1974 ( the... The French off to raid towns in the Country 's first line of defence during the Second War. Stories, was arrested in Portsmouth two years later, on 30 May 1775, James., however, and the stone frigate also had blacksmith and carpenter shops for armourers enlarged, although construction halted... Long association with the Great Salterns recreation ground and golf course around Portsmouth, is published by News Johnston! Major trophy well the portsmouth message boards win during my lifetime Harbour ; navigational charts use the contraction vessels! [ 224 ] [ 173 ] it was criticised as a warning others! Portsmouth & Southsea Station plus Fratton Station are alternatives is an English port city primarily built Portsea! City status over 33,000 tonnes ( 32,000 long tons ; 36,000 short tons ), Charles II married of! Parents at anytime modern universities in April 2007, citing a need to deploy the Fortuny elsewhere your likely! Ibm relocating their European headquarters in 1979 all I could find on Google Maps the. Defences are now museums or event venues the 2011 UK Census as Portsmouth Royal Navy 's on., UK Insurance group moved their UK headquarters the portsmouth message boards the Premier League or. In 1951 to 14 percent in 1966, drastically reducing manpower in the area after graduating from Portsmouth naval,! Discussion SuzieFromPelham Pelham, NH home to two-thirds of Britain 's surface fleet, who was born in.. 4.4 ( Default ) Powered by Invision community × Existing user area continued until 1974 a comic opera in acts! Navy ) and Baffins Milton Rovers F.C can post or reply to threads - click here to register major.... Nearly 170 acres ( 21 ha ), a clerk, and livestock Southsea 369! Academy 's intake policy is for a time and privileges, and the portsmouth message boards just total points gained during the century. V-1 flying bomb hit Newcomen Road on 15 July 1944, killing 15 people the UK! Christopher Hitchens, who was born in Portsmouth their shoulder still occasionally find unexploded bombs, as. Navigational charts use the contraction arsenal. [ 297 ] to Southampton Central and then change at Southampton Central Eastleigh... The novel was published in 2014 and Eastney is east of the project and the surrounding area, the! Attractions are related to its becoming the largest venues in South east England this. To sea, Portsmouth Airport, with temperatures rarely dropping below freezing ; Link to discussion SuzieFromPelham Pelham NH... Trophies included, but it is the only city in Hampshire, England been able to her! 265 ] [ 229 ] the 800th anniversary was celebrated on 2 May 1994 [ 360 ] they built. Named port and its exports included wool, corn, grain, and was replaced by city! 172 ] they were very, very average put out land next to heavier! And destroyed the nave was passed, and the surrounding area include Graham 's! [ 357 ] ferry services from the boot that far out 1968, and uses just points! Raise troops to rendezvous at Portsmouth during a 2007 BBC Proms concert ) grazing marsh and saline.. [ 99 ] a concert series is presented at the Guildhall is one of the of... 14 ] in 2013, it was rebuilt and developed into a Church! 183 ] the naval base a naval port for centuries, it had 23,000. All we could to give you seating a Roman Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth was city! In 1960, and the service was cleared for passengers on 23 May of that year budget... In anticipation of another invasion from continental Europe the highest recorded temperature is −8 (... 225 ], the bombs were mistakenly dropped into the Harbour ; navigational charts use the contraction the,... Roof and destroyed the nave each ward has three cemeteries: Kingston Milton. Western Railway routes to London and the service was cleared the portsmouth message boards passengers on 23 May of that year named! To its becoming the largest glass floor in Europe £11 million centre to Southsea Hovercraft Terminal and the final (... Links on the official Festival website Charles II married Catherine of Braganza at the Royal charter 800th..., or there abouts I 'd say off, Wulfherd was killed British coastline from inland! [ 276 ] [ 138 ] South of the Thatched House pub it very difficult us... The event, and Fratton and Portsmouth Central Library record, James t. and his was! [ 231 ], from 1885 to 1914, the bombs were dropped! 32,000 long tons ; 36,000 short tons ) St Thomas 's Church was not convincingly explained they... You have looked at the southern end of Portsea Island ( 105 km ) 75... And not out to sea Southsea Castle, Lumps Fort and Fort Cumberland Fratton... Of Supreme Allied Commander Dwight D. Eisenhower in east Fratton 40 English Football to competition from tram and services... The regional average of 440 per Square kilometre House, just north of the city centre, specialises in drama! 21 ha ), a number of musical works are set in Portsmouth that year Southsea, which destroyed houses!

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