Here’s how it generally works: …The con artists start by picking out a house to steal—say, YOURS. My reason for posting is, my boyfriend and I are a gay couple, and if that's the reason it's been egged, do you think I should report it to the police? I humbly give you cop slang: 1) J-Cat. A totally new kind of crime: house stealing. The egging of politicians is a well-known form of protest, and egging cars or houses can be done as a form of vandalism, with or without reason, but in some places egging is done for benign or celebratory reasons. I saw them do it, and it looked just be kids (little bastards!). And can the man press charges or anything like that? Halloween is a busy time for the police and they may receive a high volume of calls, so before contacting them, consider whether the matter can be resolved amicably. Just wait it out till you get some footage, maybe even intising them to do it again (pressure wash again when you know they can see). After the police arrive you can text parents, but chances are, parents are a ways away, and even if not, Police can offer more assistance. By Ben Pugh. Can the cop charge us for littering? That Adam Henry was a d*mn code brown. Whether it's your cell phone, glove box, body cavities, or bedroom closet, it just feels wrong when someone goes through your stuff without your permission. I dont want to ring the police and bother them,as i dont want the police to call around incase the kids see them and know we "grassed" i feel it might make it worse,so have avoided reporting anything. Oh man I feel as if your situation can't get much better. He called the cops and we knew their was no getting out of it. Call the police right away (9-1-1) and, if the vandals leave, try to see where they go so you can report that to the police as well. Recognizing the need for privacy, both the U.S. and Texas Constitutions have long protected the right of people "to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches." The guy was pissed. I asked my husband if he was expecting anyone ie his friends and he said no. …Next, they assume your identity—getting a hold of your name and personal information (easy enough to do off the Internet) and using that to create fake IDs, social security cards, etc. First, protect your own safety. if you are home alone (or even not alone), and you feel there is a criminal outside the door (trying to get in), or such, please call the police emergency number. We then began to wonder who the person might be and my husband went on the door to ask who the person was and there was no reply. The eggs are usually raw, but can be hard-boiled or rotten. People other than the thrower can be held as accomplices, police say. My hus then went in the kitchen to look through the window which faces our front garden and … lol had this happen to a friends car a long while back, he knew who it was and reported it, the police said all they can do is tell the person to not do it again, anyway the egg thrower ended up getting a free spray paint job lol, my friend never saw an egg thrown at hes car again. Remember that damage to property can always be repaired, but if you step in to stop someone in the act you may get injured. Egging is the act of throwing eggs at people or property. As the title says, my house has been egged twice in the past week. The camera thing was a fantastic idea (I'd even go about getting more for an all around your house view. This is my detention/jail background showing through, but if you refer to someone as a “J-Cat”, it means they’re unstable/crazy.This is definitely regional since it stems from the “J-Ward” at our local County Hospital where the 5150s go. Yesterday me and my husband were sitted in the lounge when we had this loud knock. He had some eggs on the seat. So the cops talked to us and said he was going to charge us with littering for every person who calls in on house egging. However,last night that threw an egg one at the house (hit living room window) and one at the car (hit rear window) this was about 7.15pm. And people may also face additional penalties if the egg is thrown from a car , officers say.

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