18%. It was the 13th […] Explore Campus Life at Similar Colleges. B. WEST LAFAYETTE – Nearly two dozen Purdue fraternities, sororities, cooperatives and other student housing were under some sort of quarantine, midway through the second week of … I will be heading to Purdue next year and I am interested in joining a fraternity. The Delta Delta Delta sorority chapter house is the largest sorority house in the nation. About 18% of Purdue's undergraduates are members of a Greek-letter organization. Many of Purdue's chapter houses date back to the early 1900's some of which are considered to be of historical value. Cooperative house already dealing with suspension now under quarantine, too, as Purdue … of students say that Greek life is pretty big. However, I really don’t know much about the reputations of the various fraternities on campus. Greek life at Purdue … Membership in the Purdue fraternity, sorority and cooperative life community pays dividends not just with GPA, but also with community service. The fall 2019 statistics released recently by the Dean of Students indicate that the 6,407 members of that community earned a 3.13 semester GPA (3.20 cumulative) compared to an all-undergraduate 3.10 GPA (3.19 cumulative). Purdue is home to some of the largest Fraternity and Sorority houses in the nation! Purdue University hosts one of the nation's largest Fraternity/Sorority Communities, with approximately 5,000 students participating in one of the 48 men's fraternities or 32 women's sororities. Women in Sororities. ... Greek Life. Purdue has three agricultural Greek life chapters — the Sigma Alpha sorority and the Alpha Gamma Rho (AGR) and FarmHouse fraternities. Based on housing cost, capacity, student reviews and additional factors. 51%. The Purdue University Fraternities and Sororities collection documents the history and activities of the fraternities and sororities at Purdue. Fraternity reviews, ratings, and rankings in alphabetical order for Purdue University West Lafayette - PU greek life - Greekrank Men in Fraternities. A summary of the latest discussion, fraternity ratings, and sorority ratings for Purdue University West Lafayette - PU B. All provide students with great opportunities to build relationships, find a community, and get involved at Purdue. Contained in the collection are numerous fraternity and sorority newsletters and magazines. Membership in the Purdue fraternity, sorority and cooperative life community pays dividends not just with GPA, but also with community service.. Bands of Brothers . 22%. The social aspect of greek life is huge at Purdue. Purdue University Campus Life. Fraternities, sororities, and cooperatives have a long history at Purdue University. Housing. Dorms. Purdue's Sigma Alpha Epsilon had 10 members test positive for COVID-19, alum says. FarmHouse and AGR help their members rise through the ranks of Purdue and the professional world. If you have information or experiences you wouldn’t mind sharing, I would greatly appreciate it! The frat parties have lists so you have to be in greek life to go to frat parties and those are the biggest parties on campus. 360 responses.