Gunas are fundamental ingredients or constituents in every being and each being is composed of all the three Gunas. explain the variance in organizational commitment. The purpose of this study is to present an analysis of recent scientific literature on the principal’s transformational leadership role within professional learning communities. Findings Results reveal that university demonstrate high level of characteristics of transformational leadership in terms of idealized influence, inspirational motivation, individualized consideration and intellectual stimulation behaviors. It cannot be denied that school administrators have an important role in making teachers feel that they are the part of the organization and in their working more efficiently. Journal of Educational Science, 5(18), p. 43. future by increasing efficiency in the workplace. leadership styles and factors affecting the leadership style. own characteristics and capabilities. Even though leadership related theories highlight variety of style in different perspectives, Transformational leadership and the related outcomes receive significant attention among researchers as it produces much voluntary behavior in employees. main aim of the present study is to measure the relationship of employees’ perception related to their superior leadership style on their job related behavior. development through changes, pp. Consequently, it is important that school administrators are the people who should have clear objectives, be open to transformation, be able to give ethical decisions and respect and appraise teachers’ opinions. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences. (Farazja and Khademi, 2010, p. 51). Leadership is one of the most fascinating matters of human being at all times throughout the whole world. Investigating the relationship To do so, the article provides an overview of different leadership styles in order to provide a frame of reference for integrating the idea of transformational leadership into a broader notional network. By keeping in view, the results of the present investigation consider transformational leadership as highly capable tool for dealing with organizational crisis and management. Nikezić, S., Purić, S., & Purić, J. The design used in this study was correlational, using surveys to collect the data and then analyze using the PLS-SEM method. Therefore, the main objective of this study is to review studies regarding the impact of leadership and organizational performance This study contributes to providing practical results for decision-makers and workers in leadership positions with the most important strategic methods of leadership, which affect the organizational performance of business Institutions, Further discussions and implications are also presented in the study. ... One of the kinds of leadership style that can meet the changes and innovation in the academic system is the transformational leadership. KEYWORDS: leadership, organizational performance, business organizations, human resources. Purpose Transformational leadership is also successfully applied to educational organizations, since research data show that it has a positive impact on schooling conditions, on teachers’ internal states and behaviors and their job satisfaction, as well as transformational leadership is akin to the ‘great man theory’, which diverges from Burns’ original view of transformational leadership. The value of this type examination is high. As compared to pragmatic leadership style, transformational leadership is flexible, motivational and believe in employee's opinions, ... Transformational leadership theory is all about leadership that creates positive change in the followers whereby they take care of each other's interests and act in the interests of the group as a whole", ... Diana Bachtiar, Sudibjo,&Bernarto menjelaskan bahwa kepemimpinan transformasional menekankan partisipasi dalam Knowledge Sharing Behavior guru Ditinjau dari Transformational Leadership dan Self-Efficacy Judha Semal Irianto, Niko Sudibjo pengambilan keputusan dan mengandalkan pengaruh budaya yang kuat. A study of transnational and transformational The paper concludes with a discussion on what the organizations can do for enhancing transformational leadership by using the Guna framework and by reinforcing the Vedic worldview which are summarized as follows: Design training programmes to develop Sattva and reduce Tamas. Deveshwar, A., & Aneja, I. 4. There is a meaningful and positive relationship between the organizational behaviors of teachers and transactional and transformational leadership styles of school administrators. Salah satu upaya untuk menjawab hal ini adalah dengan membudayakan perilaku knowledge sharing behavior di lingkungan sekolah. Originality/value Desain penelitian bersifat korelational, data diambil berdasarkan survey yang dianalisi dengan metode PLS-SEM. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. Practical implications: Since core self-evaluations tend to be stable over time, HR professionals need to recruit and select those with higher core self-evaluations. Descriptive statistics and hierarchical multiple regression analyses were used to, Leadership style of managers and the organizational and individual outcome related issues have been major theme for researchers for many years. FACTORS AFFECTING TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP, organization. Burns remembered these values as ultimate values.
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